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The Nehalem Bay Winery

The Nehalem Bay Winery

Come by and visit, taste some wine, and check out our summer event schedule. Also, ask us about using the winery to host your next big event. Nehalem Bay Winery has enjoyed 40 years of serving visitors. Celebrating great wine and great fun for the whole family since 1974!

Nehalem Bay Winery began when Patrick McCoy became fascinated by the then infant wine making industry in Oregon.

McCoy was travelling on the Northern Oregon Coast when he discovered an old, abandoned creamery, the old Mohler Creamery. The creamery had been a part of the Tillamook Creamery Co-op producing cheese, milk and butter from 1909 to 1959. He looked at the old decrepit building and saw a potential winery in its place.

There are now approximately 350 wineries in Oregon. Many are tiny wineries producing small amounts by industry standards(less than 3,000 cases) with limited distribution systems. Nehalem Bay Winery currently now sells over 4,000 cases a year.

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